REMINDER:  Do not try to nut and fruit your way through the diet.  Nuts should be limited to a fistful PER DAY, an open bowl of almonds on the counter is not  a wise plan.   Fruit needs to be treated like the new candy, don’t try to placate a sweet tooth with fruit, you are giving in to a craving for sweet with an alternative sweet, just wait till you try to tell that angry 3 year old no the next time after you have given in.  Stand your ground and remember no “SWYPO”.


6 thoughts on “11.22.2011

  1. Monday 11-21-11
    Pre wo: hardboiled egg and water
    Post wo: baked sweet potatoe and hardboiled egg and water
    Breakfast: banana, hardboiled egg (w/o yolk), half avacado water +2
    Snack:handful of almonds, grapes and half palm of turkey water+2
    Lunch: leftover ginger lime shrimp and leftover coconut almond green beans water+2
    Snack: half avacado, half palm of turkey and handful of grapes+2
    Dinner: baked tilapia and baked fresh veggies and half avacado +2
    64 oz h2o +1
    8 hrs sleep +1
    Less than 5 hrs between meals +1
    Fish oil (not yet) +0
    13 points
    Still learning the rules. Gonna cut back on the almonds and the fruit and try to substitute with carrots.

  2. Tuesday 11/22/2011

    8 hrs Sleep +1
    64oz Water +1
    5 Meals +1
    2hrs between meals + 1
    5:00am WOD – 5 Rounds 5x Hang Cleans, 15 OHS – 1st 2 rns @105 (got crushed), last 3rds @95 – 18:????
    6:30 Egg Whts & diced ham w/ jalapeno – Fish Oil +2
    10:00 2 hard boild eggs & 1/2 Apple +2
    12:00 Salad w/ Chicken +2
    3:30 handful of pistachios/handful of dried unsweet cranberries/ couple pieces of beef jerky (Matt – please confirm if cranberries are approved) + 2?

    7:30 Chicken Breast and steamed veggies – Fish Oil +2
    11:30 pm – had the munchies and curbed with pineapple

    Day Total 14Pts

    Grand Total – 28pts

  3. Tuesday 11-21-11

    64+ oz of water +1
    3 grams of fish oil +1
    2hrs between meals +1

    Did Mondays WOD 6:00 min flat

    Lunch was a Grilled Chicken Breast over Salad with vinegar and oil dressing with avacado +2

    Handful of Walnuts, Cashews, Raisins, Almonds +1

    Dinner was clean beef sausage from Hubble and Hudson, sauteed broccoli, and carrots and a handful of cut up dates +2

    Total for the day 8 points

  4. Tuesday 11-22-11

    64+ oz of water +1
    3 grams of fish oil +1
    2hrs between meals +1

    Did Tuesday’s WOD in about 12:??

    Lunch was:
    Chicken breast
    Spinach, Carrots, Green Beans, Broccoli
    3 pieces of Canelope +1

    Snack: Handful if Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews, Raisins.

    Dinner was:

    Dinner Salad with Vinegar and Oil dressing
    2-Grilled Chicken Breast
    Grilled Zuccini, Squash, Onion

    Total Points for today 6

  5. 11/24/11
    B-eggs, canadian bacon
    L-turkey(4oz), ham(3 slices), green bean casserole (1-bite), broccoli rice casserole (1-bite),pecan pie (1-bite), pumpkin pie (1-sliver/skinny piece), 6 bites of rice krispies treat, apple
    S-jerkey (2 strips)
    D- turkey, 1c of popcorn

    8 hr sleep, over 80 oz water

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