We understand in the Silverback Nation 

EVERYTHING we eat is either GOOD or BAD for us,

the outward appearance of fitness is not enough and

elite machines don’t  run cheap fuel.  That said, it

doesn’t have to taste like Styrofoam either.  We are

looking for great tasting food ideas that make our

GOOD FOOD CHOICES as addictive as our workouts. 



REMINDER:  Do not try to nut and fruit your way through the diet.  Nuts should be limited to a fistful PER DAY, an open bowl of almonds on the counter is not  a wise plan.   Fruit needs to be treated like the new candy, don’t try to placate a sweet tooth with fruit, you are giving in to a craving for sweet with an alternative sweet, just wait till you try to tell that angry 3 year old no the next time after you have given in.  Stand your ground and remember no “SWYPO”.